Upgraded my HTC Desire to Gingerbread today.

The upgrade was promised some time ago but then HTC said that there wasn’t enough memory. There was outcry and, after removing some of the Sense UI stuff they freed enough space. However, the update is “only intended for developers”. I read one blog saying that there might be issues with SMS and MMS messages. I did wonder if, post update, I had a Wi-Fi issue, but it seems okay after a power cycle.

The Update Process

This was annoying. I downloaded the zip file and unpacked it only to find that I needed a Windows PC. I run Fedora on both my desktop and my laptop. I borrowed my daughter’s laptop. Next, I had to install HTC Sync. This required Adobe AIR and three other components. (All were included in the HTC install file, no wonder it’s 55MB!) The update did run smoothly and quickly once it started. There were plenty of warnings too. Rightly so; all operator content, messages, contacts, settings got wiped. Like it says, backup before installing!


Not many!

If I’d known how little difference it would make I wouldn’t have bothered. I wanted the pretty new keyboard and more space. I’ve got a little more space, but the keyboard is still HTCs version and there are still many HTC applications that I don’t want and can’t delete. The Stocks tracker – not interested. And why does the HTC mail application take 3.95MB. I don’t use it, I use GMail and that takes 1.47MB. Are they the same?

The way that Wi-Fi works seems slightly more annoying. It tells me that a network is available, long enough for me to wonder if it will connect. It does connect, most of the time, I think. Perhaps the signal threshold has been changed.

Update: I’ve come to the conclusion that if the signal is weak then no attempt is made to connect, just notification given that a wireless network has been detected.

Power management is another improvement, but I’ll have to see how it goes for a while before I can tell if that is improved.

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