Remove Gnome App Menu

I’ve been a Fedora/Gnome user for many years. I like to keep my desktop empty and the clutter to a minimum. So I don’t, for instance, have the window list at the bottom of the display.

In Fedora 31, the latest release as I write this, I noticed that the Application Menu had made a reappearance in the top menu. No worry I thought, I must have accidentally enabled it with the Tweaks Tool. But not so. From a quick search around it looks as though some arrogant jerk has decided that making it easy to remove is a no, no, no before spitting his dummy out.

As I couldn’t just find any up to date instructions to install a shell extension that removes said menu I provide some here.

In the Software application search for “remove app menu”. I installed the one that seems to be by (Direct link is ) Select the version/extension (only 3.6 and 2 available currently) and a zip file will be downloaded.

Now go to a command line, navigate to the folder containing the zip file (most likely Downloads) and type:

gnome-extensions install

If you’re not running Wayland you can restart the shell with Alt F2 and the command r. I just restarted the machine. When you’re back up and running go in to the Tweaks Tool, Extensions tab and enable the extension. Job done.