In February 2009 I bought a Nikon D300. A beautiful digital SLR camera. I thought long and hard before choosing it. As I already had an FM2a and a few lenses I stuck with Nikon. I’m so pleased I did.

Digital is different to film. It allows you to take lots of photos at zero cost. Plus you get to see the photo right away. I used the camera more than I ever used my film camera and it has become a main hobby.

Towards the end of 2009 I stumbled across Project365. The aim of the project is to take a photo every day. In doing so you:

  • learn about the features of your camera
  • have a visual record of the year
  • hopefully improve you technique and produce better photographs

I have to say it’s hard work. I often get to the end of the day (occasionally a little before midnight) and find myself scrabbling around for something to photograph. (Perhaps not the aim of the project, but it happens.) That said, if you have a camera that isn’t getting the attention it deserves then I highly recommend giving it a go.

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