I upgraded Elliot’s PC to Windows XP today. The drive was partitioned as a 2Gb C: drive (system) and a 14Gb D: drive (data). The version of XP was old, but there wasn’t enough space to install SP2. Time to reach for GParted!

I found that I’d left half the disc empty (don’t know why) so I first moved (extended partition) D: up to use all the space. I then resized the partition to leave 6Gb unallocated above primary 1.

Next I tried to resize the primary partition to 8Gb. I got bad sector errors that chkdsk wouldn’t fix. Seems that they were phantom errors that are widely noted on the internet.

Finally I used fdisk to delete then recreate primary 1, then ntfsresize on the command line to force the resize.

At reboot XP wanted to run chkdsk but it booted fine and seems good. Happy!