Email Exemplar [action]

There’s a fad at the moment of adding “[action]” to email subject lines when the sender expects the recipient to do something. It really annoys me; here’s why.

If someone sends something “To” me then there is an expectation that I will read it. I’ll consider it and if necessary  I’ll take/plan action. What the sender is actually saying is closer to “[my stuff is so important, do it now!]”.  Well no, no I won’t.

So what about those email messages that I receive that are just for information? A courtesy perhaps so that I’m aware of a situation. Well, that’s what the CC box is for. Use it wisely.

As far as I can tell this “email exemplar” crap has come from a company. Well done to them, I suppose, for finding enough idiots willing to buy training materials from them. They had a website for a bit, but it’s back to the Square Space holding page now. Perhaps the idiot pool dried up?

Email ain’t broke, so don’t try and fix it.  Use To is you want action and CC for informational messages.  (BCC when sending to large groups where recipients need to be hidden.)

Moving to WordPress

I keep having thoughts that I want to share, or moan about, or both. A blog seems like the right way to do these things, and I’m told WordPress is really easy to use.  We will see.

The process has started then to migrate my channel-e site from plain old HTML to WordPress.  Along the way I want to learn how to make WordPress serve clean pages.  I’ve always edited my websites by hand, so I don’t really care for bloated pages.

Update: A big plus for WordPress is that it’s released under the GPL.