Publishing to the web? Then you’ll probably want a photograph or two to give your article a visual boost.


To the rightI covered all of the ThinkVisibility conferences in Leeds. I attended the first two events as a delegate with a camera. The remainder I was invited to attend as a photographer.


Made upI am involved in roller derby. When I’m not playing, NSOing or refereeing I’m there with my camera. I’m currently the photographer with Hull’s Angels Roller Dames.


DSC_9058Rates are negotiable. I’m happy to cover local community/charity events at cost if I’m available.

Lifestyle and Objets

BroccoliWhere possible I release my work under a Creative Commons licence. This removes copyright concerns when using the images and has lead to my work being used on many sites.

If you have a specific requirement that you can’t find in my Flickr stream then get in touch.

Traditional Prints

Occasionally clients want traditional paper prints. I work with Ilford films, paper and chemicals.

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