Wet Dogs

Sunday was a lovely day. I woke a little before seven, saw it was fine and went out to take photographs. I ended up going to Hardcastle Crags, near Hebden Bridge. I was very pleased that I did.

Slow splash #1As I got to Gibson Mill I found three ladies out with their dogs. The dogs were having a wonderful time playing in the stream. They kindly allowed me to take photos of the dogs, which I did and how. In a little under ten minutes I took 201 shots, JPEGs, equating to approximately 1Gb of data.

This gave me a chance to experiment with the continuous shooting mode and focus tracking features of the D300. It was a sunny morning and I was using my 85mm 1.8, so speed wasn’t a problem. Thing is, I had no idea what shutter speed I should use.

Looking back at the photos I see had selected shutter priority and started at 1/40th of a second. This gave a good effect in this photo, but it doesn’t freeze the droplets. I tried 1/100 of a second and must have checked the results on the camera as I very quickly changed the ISO rating to 800 and set shutter speed to 1/800th. This forced a wide open aperture and did a pretty good job, as illustrated here.

Retrieval #3The main splash isn’t frozen but the droplets above the dog contrast nicely with the darkness of the stream. This gives the shot action.

I was also very pleased with speed of my camera. I checked the times of one sequence and found six shots within a second.

One final lesson is to always zip your camera bag shut. I did and was glad that I had. Inquisitive wet dogs really don’t mind what gets wet :-)

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Fedora 10 FTW!

I upgraded my laptop, an old Asus, from Fedora 9 to 10 just this week. I have to say that it’s great. To start I now have the latest OpenOffice.org, version 3, though not had chance to use it. I’m looking forward to the latest GIMP and Inkscape too.

The big difference that I tested was recognising my digital camera, a Nikon S600. This camera doesn’t act as a mass storage device, so under F9 I had to drop to a command and connect to it. This is fixed in F10, with the camera running in PTP mode. Plug it in and it automatically appears and is browsable. I’m working through testing other stuff. So far the other big win is that I can now use the SD card slot, not just for SD, I also find that SDHC works.

Gnome is looking good too. I ran with the Echo icon set in F9 and that has carried over. The upgrade was painless and has maintained everything as far as I can tell.


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